Conference webdocumentary “A Sud di Pavese”

A Sud di Pavese
web documentary by Matteo Bellizzi
interaction design by Antonio Rollo
27th November, 2008 – 3 pm
Circolo dei Lettori – Via Bogino 19, Torino

As part of the programme of the Torino Film Festival, Piemonte Share in partnership with SteFilm is presenting a preview of the docuweb A Sud di Pavese (South of Pavese).The project represents an interactive rendering of the documentary A Sud di Pavese, which Matteo Bellizzi will be presenting to audiences in the forthcoming cinema season.

Picking out three quintessential settings in the works of Cesare Pavese – the Langhe, Torino and the Calabrian seaside – this web documentary weaves its way between the writings of Pavese and images, creating new, unexpected associations between the places and the stories narrated.
The “open” documentary uses the cinematic material filmed by Matteo Bellizzi as its source, physically portraying the journey that lies at the heart of the film – a journey that takes literature as its starting point to arrive elsewhere, encountering along the way the stories told by Pavese.

It might seem to many that little, if not nothing, remains to be discovered about Pavese. For the vast majority of people, he is the writer most closely identified with the provincial imagination tied to the hills of the Langhe district, to Turin, and to the publisher Einaudi. In particular he is remembered for his novel “The Moon and the Bonfires” and for his tragic death. Today, however, his thoughts and intimate reflections have led many people, artists and common folk alike, to confront and rethink the “myth” of Pavese, through his novels, poetry and internal conflicts.

Matteo Bellizzi journeys in search of stories through the very places where Pavese found his own, to places still active as sources of inspiration.
A Sud di Pavese represents an all-encompassing approach to the rediscovery of certain foundations underpinning Italian culture. Designed for a young audience, he seeks to communicate the idea that literature, when truly great, can indeed burst the banks of a book and overflow into life itself, becoming a stimulus and lens for observing the world with new eyes, with an awareness that is renewed and enriched.

The interaction design was created by the net.artist Antonio Rollo, who since the beginning of the decade has experimented with the interactive possibilities of moving pictures on the internet.