About us

The brainchild of Chiara Garibaldi and Simona Lodi, Share Project is a crossdisciplinary platform for the promotion of contemporary art and culture in all its creative forms. We create real opportunities—exhibitions, events, workshops, seminars, productions—for developing knowledge and creativity in digital society, and for promoting research and innovation in the visual arts, robotic art, bioart, new media art and interaction design as a critical expression of a digital, global society.

Chiara Garibaldi / General Director

Architect and expert in sustainable technological space and exhibitions. Founder and general director of the Share Festival, Share Prize and Action Sharing. Since 1989 Chiara has collaborated with a number of important academic and corporate institutions in Italy and abroad, such as the Polytechnic of Turin and the Polytechnic of Milan, Castello di Rivoli, Softech in Turin, Esats in Seville, and for the Spanish pavilion at Seville Expo ’92 Her career has taken her to Seville, London, Milan and Turin—cities oriented towards innovation, environmental sustainability and the arts. In 2006 she launched the Action Sharing platform, sponsored by the Turin Chamber of Commerce, the Polytechnic of Turin, and mechatronics companies in Piedmont, to promote the production of artistic projects that use mechatronic elements in a syncretic way, where art, science, research and experimentation are brought together and combined to create new tools of knowledge. Having focused on the relationship between architecture and nature, technology and sustainability, in the digital era she has turned her attention to how new media and the Internet influence contemporary forms of expression, creating projects, designing exhibitions and directing multimedia productions. The unifying theme of her work as an architect lies in the analysis of how contemporary life is being shaped by the digital and global age.

Bruce Sterling / Curator

American science fiction author who is best known for his novels and his work on the Mirrorshades anthology. This work helped to define the cyberpunk genre. Sterling, along with William Gibson, Rudy Rucker, John Shirley, Lewis Shiner, and Pat Cadigan, is one of the founders of the cyberpunk movement in science fiction. Sterling has published several science fiction novels, journalistic texts and essays. He collaborates with Wired magazine, has been a columnist for the magazine XL since it started, and writes for the Turin daily newspaper La Stampa, where with his wife Jasmina Tesanovic he has the column “Globalists in Turin.” In 2003 he was appointed professor at the European Graduate School, where he teaches courses in Intensive “Media and Design.”  Since October 2003, Sterling has blogged at “Beyond the Beyond”, hosted by Wired. Sterling has worked with The Sharing Association ever since 2007, lending a significant contribution—first as curator and then as artistic director—to the production and success of the Piemonte Share Festival. Now in its eleventh season, the artistic direction of the event this year is once again in his hands.  One of the founders and the curator of the project connected home of the future Casajasmina In  Turin.

Jasmina Tesanovic / Curator

Born in Belgrade, in the former Yugoslavia, is an author, feminist, activist, writer, journalist, translator, musician and film-maker. She is the author of Diary of a Political Idiot, a war diary written during the conflict in Kosovo in 1999. Since then she has published all her works, diaries, short stories and documentaries on blogs and other media, all of which are available on-line. She has translated the works of several Italian writers, including Italo Calvino, Elsa Morante, Alberto Moravia, Sandro Veronesi, Andrea de Carlo and Aldo Busi. She is also the author of an anthology of contemporary Italian literature published in the former Yugoslavia.  As an active member of “Women in Black” and the Women’s Studies Centre etc, Tesanovic was a declared pacifist and activist against Slobodan Milosevic’s regime from the start of the Balkan Wars in 1990. In 1994, together with Slavica Stojanovic, she founded the feminist publishing house “Feminist 94.”  She has worked with The Sharing Association ever since 2007, lending a significant contribution to the production and success of Piemonte Share Festival.  She writes for the Turin daily newspaper La Stampa, where with her husband Bruce Sterling she has the column “Globalists in Turin.”  One of the founders and the hostess of connected home of the future CasaJasmina  in Turin.

Angelo Motor Comino / Curator

Artist who channels his artistic expression into the constant exploration of the languages of contemporaneity. Thanks to his solid grounding in the scientific disciplines, which he uses in his day job, Motor’s work shows a syncretism that is very much an expression of the contemporary world. Motor grew up in Turin’s underground scene, getting involved in everything from sound design to scriptwriting, from installations to interactive multimedia productions, from performance art to experimental theatre. In 2006 he produced the project “Clean//Unclean”, where digital choruses provide the soundtrack to war footage recorded by the sensors of night-vision weapons that can see in the dark. Famous images, surgical operations, the voices of television presenters and soldiers that drive tanks with joysticks while listening to heavy metal are the contents of this new kind of mass pornography that war has become in our age of media ubiquity. “Clean//Unclean”, which can be presented as a live performance or a simple video, was selected for the video section of the international contemporary art fair Artissima in 2007. That same year Motor won the first Action Sharing competition, and with the support of Action Sharing and the Torino Chamber of Commerce began working on the project “Orchestra Meccanica Marinetti” (“Marinetti Mechanical Orchestra”), which debuted on the stage on 20 November 2008. Motor has worked over the years with Alessandro Amaducci, Antonio Caronia, Alessandra C., Luca Saini, DsorDne, Helena Velena, Giulia Caira, Marlene Kuntz, Stefano Milla, OZOONO, Andrea G.Pinketts, Pasquale Ruiu, Luca Ragagnin, Suguru Goto and Madaski. Since 2008 the project “Orchestra Meccanica Marinetti” was a prelude to a deep collaboration with the Assocation The Sharing till now. Of great importance his mastery of the mechatronic aspects and the consequent contribution to the projects Action Sharing and Share Festival.

Erika Bertolino / Communication

High School Diploma at the Italian-Swiss Lyceum J. J. Rousseau, Degree in Modern Foreign Languages and Literature (Spanish, English, French). Specialization in Hispano-American Languages and Literatures and Indigenas cultures at the University of Siena, with Prof. Antonio Melis. Master in Literary Translation at the European School of Literary Translation. Biennial internship at the Augusto Monti State Linguistic High School in Chieri. Lecturer of Spanish languages and literature at UNITRE di Pino Torinese. Teacher at the Centro Studi Omnibus and Istituto Freius in Bardonecchia. Secretary, press office and exhibition organization at the AlbertoWeber Contemporary Art Gallery. Lecturer for training courses at MC TEAM in Turin for Fiat Group, for ISVOR FIAT in Turin. Collaboration with the Zenith Arti Audiovisive of Turin as an editorial secretary and assistant director. Consultant for the translation of the dialogues for the video of the Oldenburg installations in Piazza San Marco in Venice. Secretary for the video celebrating the centenary of the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation. Communication manager and part of the Share Project staff since 2016.

Francesca Ventura / Production

Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin in Visual Arts and Performing Arts, currently a production manager for Share Project, with whom she has been collaborating for four years. Among the most important work and academic experiences are: Consultant Tutor at the course of Digital Applications for Visual Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts; Project Preparation and Visual Video Mapping for the exhibition ‘Fritz. An Elefante a Corte ‘at the Stupinigi Hunting Palace (2015); Collaboration with Attitude Forma S.C as a technical assistant in exhibitions in the major museums of Turin (2016). Assistant and Communication for the Artist Alessandro Sciaraffa. Video mapping project and multimedia design for the exhibition ‘To_Sh – Torino Shanghai’ organized by IGAV (2014). He has participated in countless worshops and laboratories dedicated to IOT, Digital Enterprise, 3D Modeling and Multimedia Staging Techniques.

Giacomo Clemente / Corporate Identity

Graphic and product designer, graduated from the Polytechnic of Turin in Design and Visual Communication in 2016. Graphic consultant and part of the Share Project team since November 2017. Among the experiences related to the Share Network includes an academic workshop and a subsequent working collaboration with the artist Alessandro Sciaraffa, an academic workshop related to modeling and 3D printing at the Polytechnic of Turin with Professor Fabrizio Valpreda, an academic internship at the BwithC graphic studio.