Conference webdocumentary “A Sud di Pavese”

A Sud di Pavese
web documentary by Matteo Bellizzi
interaction design by Antonio Rollo
27th November, 2008 – 3 pm
Circolo dei Lettori – Via Bogino 19, Torino

As part of the programme of the Torino Film Festival, Piemonte Share in partnership with SteFilm is presenting a preview of the docuweb A Sud di Pavese (South of Pavese).The project represents an interactive rendering of the documentary A Sud di Pavese, which Matteo Bellizzi will be presenting to audiences in the forthcoming cinema season.

Picking out three quintessential settings in the works of Cesare Pavese – the Langhe, Torino and the Calabrian seaside – this web documentary weaves its way between the writings of Pavese and images, creating new, unexpected associations between the places and the stories narrated.
The “open” documentary uses the cinematic material filmed by Matteo Bellizzi as its source, physically portraying the journey that lies at the heart of the film – a journey that takes literature as its starting point to arrive elsewhere, encountering along the way the stories told by Pavese.

It might seem to many that little, if not nothing, remains to be discovered about Pavese. For the vast majority of people, he is the writer most closely identified with the provincial imagination tied to the hills of the Langhe district, to Turin, and to the publisher Einaudi. In particular he is remembered for his novel “The Moon and the Bonfires” and for his tragic death. Today, however, his thoughts and intimate reflections have led many people, artists and common folk alike, to confront and rethink the “myth” of Pavese, through his novels, poetry and internal conflicts.

Matteo Bellizzi journeys in search of stories through the very places where Pavese found his own, to places still active as sources of inspiration.
A Sud di Pavese represents an all-encompassing approach to the rediscovery of certain foundations underpinning Italian culture. Designed for a young audience, he seeks to communicate the idea that literature, when truly great, can indeed burst the banks of a book and overflow into life itself, becoming a stimulus and lens for observing the world with new eyes, with an awareness that is renewed and enriched.

The interaction design was created by the net.artist Antonio Rollo, who since the beginning of the decade has experimented with the interactive possibilities of moving pictures on the internet.

Preview Orchestra Meccanica Marinetti

multimedia show by Angelo Comino aka Motor
Thursday, 20th November, 2008 6.30 PM
Chamber of Commerce of Torino – Palazzo Birago di Borgaro
Via Carlo Alberto 16, Torino

On Thursday, 20th November, 2008, the stage will be set at the baroque Palazzo Birago for an artistic performance combining art and technology. The Orchestra Meccanica Marinetti (Marinetti Mechanical Orchestra) by the artist Angelo Comino – Motor in art – has been specially chosen by the Chamber of Commerce of Torino and Piemonte Share to launch the initiative Action Sharing. The orchestra consists of robot drummers that play steel drums “live”, under the direction of a performer. Having literally built the city of Turin, the movement and work of factories will be on show, translated into the interactive digital languages of the contemporary world. Paying tribute to the futurist poet Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, the orchestra builds an ideal bridge between Turin’s industrial past and the city’s current transformation into a city of knowledge. Two robot drummers. Two steel drums. One human performer. Mechatronics and music. The repetitiveness of industrial production becomes a gesture of music. A project in which the past of the Italian avant-garde returns in all its contemporaneity to seal a new relationship between humans and machines. Orchestra Meccanica Marinetti is a project conceived by Angelo Comino aka Motor, who gives life to enlightening inspirations that were unrealizable in Marinetti’s day.

The cultural association The Sharing, under the artistic direction of Simona Lodi and Chiara Garibaldi, was established in 2003 to create and promote digital art and culture. Under the umbrella of the name Piemonte Share, the association promotes initiatives dedicated to digital culture and the drive for innovation tied to electronic and new media. Piemonte Share, which over the years has been supported by the ongoing sponsorship of the Chamber of Commerce of Torino, is a strategic occasion for the creation of moments of exchange, experience, and encounter between the public, artists, experts, researchers and enthusiasts. ACTION SHARING – multimedia productions is one of the topical initiatives featured on Piemonte Share’s programme of events. Action Sharing is a metaproject, an initiative “shared” with the local Torino territory, which builds a bridge between art and business by creating a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary platform where artists and engineers, along with scientists, economists, social workers and teachers can come together on the common ground of technology, driven respectively by creativity and innovation.

The Chamber of Commerce of Torino has chosen to back the proposal put forward by Piemonte Share to promote a new vision of culture, where art is not confined within the walls of art galleries and museums. In this vision, art is opened to the business world to become an engine for economic growth and local development, drawing from the design, technological innovation and creative resources that can be found in our companies of excellence, and which make them more competitive every day.
The project has become a reality thanks to the Interdisciplinary Mechatronics Laboratory of the Politecnico di Torino, Associazione Robotica Piemonte, Prima Electronics, Actua, Erxa, Virtual Reality & Multi Media Park, and Visualeyes.

Share Out @ Fusion Festival 2008


After SHARE OUT success at TRANSMEDIALE FESTIVAL, BERLIN and at KUNSTVLAAI FESTIVAL, AMSTERDAM we are proud to announce the next 02L event, that will take place this time at FUSION FESTIVAL.

FUSION FESTIVAL, now at the eleventh edition, is one of the most striven destinations for ravers, music lovers and idealists that love to dive, for four days, in a parallel universe. The festival will take place not so far from Berlin, one of the most exciting capital cities of Europe, in a suggestive environment of a former russian airfield, among the pulsating bass drums of 15 different stages, green fields and woods and old eastern wracks, with a predicted presence of 40 thousand hot people.

Taken to higher level of excitement by the undefined entity 02L > OUTSIDE STANDING LEVEL, a one-shot and unforgettable show will take place on Saturday night (July 28th) around 2 o’clock, in a fight between interactive technologies, devastating beats and delectable dancing, with the new proposal of THE SPECIAL PLAYER, this time proposed with a very RAVE flavor.

Under the white dome of the Luftschloss (’castle in the sky’) there will be played the rite of an unique synergy between DJ (THE SHAIDON EFFECT), a group of four talented dancers, drummer, VJ and public. A special arbiter will take care of pulling the triggers of your pleasure: a sophisticated motion tracking system, which takes in account the responsibility to add another virtual dimension to the show.

THE SPECIAL PLAYER “interactive live temple show”, presented as a premiere project at TRANSMEDIALE’08 BERLIN (Germany) and replayed at Hiroshima Mon Amour club, Turin (Italy), during the Warp label night and hosted by PIEMONTE SHARE FESTIVAL, has more than one change, this summer, to astonish and entertain, in a sequence of hot dates (Half Machine, Pop-eye, Gogbot,  Versch, STRP). Further information can be found on links.

29/06/2008 at 02:00
02L > @ Fusion Festival 2008, GERMANY
The Special Player + The Shaidon Effect
Location: Luftschloss
Airfield Lärz Rechlin
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (DE)


Share Out in Europe_Copenhagen

The Shaidon Effect presents:
** The Special Player Tour **
Live @ Halfmachine Festival 2008, DENMARK
Location: Kulturkajen Docken, Faergehavnsvej 35, 2100 Copenhagen (DK)
Date: 24/07/2008

SHARE OUT – EUROPE nights keep going, after the proven success of the cross-media live set sessions produced by 02L > Outside Standing Level.

With FUSION FESTIVAL as the latest experience, with more than 40,000 visitors, a new bookmark has been placed in Copenhagen, capital city of Denmark, hosted by HALF MACHINE event.

02L’s live performing project “The Shaidon Effect” (DJ and live set) will cast a burning session of the nowadays well known THE SPECIAL PLAYER project, on July 24th at Kulturkajen Docken.
Kulturkajen finds itself on the harbour near midtown. It’s a flexible space dedicated to expos, theatrical and music events. This year it will be used as an overland extension location of the 480 tons barge which has hosted for all this year the headquarter of HALF MACHINE collective.

Taken to higher level of excitement by the undefined entity 02L > OUTSIDE STANDING LEVEL, a one-shot and unforgettable show will take place on 24th’s night, in a fight between interactive technologies, devastating beats and delectable dancing.
Two dancers, DJ, VJ, drummer and the public will join an immersive show arbitrated by a sophisticated motion tracking environment that will take dance and sound into a complete merge.

THE SPECIAL PLAYER “interactive live temple show”, presented as a premiere project at TRANSMEDIALE’08 BERLIN (Germany) and replayed at Hiroshima Mon Amour club, Turin (Italy), during the Warp label night and hosted by PIEMONTE SHARE FESTIVAL, has more than one change, this summer, to astonish and entertain, in a sequence of hot dates.


Share Prize 2009


Share Festival announces the guest curator for the 2009’s edition: Andy Cameron.
Andy Cameron works with interactive installations since 1993 when he created the Hypermedia Research Centre at the University of Westminster, in 1995 he cofounded the influencial interactive design group “antirom”, in 1999 co-founds in London the Romandson studio and since 2001 he’s creative director of the Interactive Design department of Fabrica.

Share Festival 2009, at his fifth edition, will be in Turin from 24th till 29th of march 2009.

Also this year the hearth of the festival will be the Share Prize 2009.

Inscription since 15th of june till the 30th of september 2008 at

The main requisite for participating in the competition is to create a work in which digital technology is applied as a language of creative expression. There is no limitation to shape and format, combinations with analogical technologies and/or any other material (eg computer animation / visual effects, digital music, interactive art, net art, software art, live cinema, audiovisual performance, etc.).

A short list of no more than six finalists will be announced within November 2008.
The award candidates are invited to participate in the 5th edition of Share Festival in Torino that will be from 24th till 29th march 2009.
The six competitors, chosen from all the participants, will exhibit the work they have entered in the competition, during the Festival.

A Jury will award a prize of Euro 2,500 to the work (published or not) that best represents experimentation of arts and new technologies.

The jury is:
Andy Cameron (creative director department Interactive Design Fabrica) – president of the jury
Bruce Sterling (writer and journalist, Austin)
Emma Quinn (curator at Institute of Contemporary Arts, London)
Giovanni Ferrrero (president Accademia delle Belle Arti, Torino)
Rosina Gomez-Baez (director Laboral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, Gijon)

Share at Torino Geodesign

A project and competition, Torino Geodesign is first and foremost an idea which defines an extraordinarily large and productive field of action: self-determined design, produced in limited series by communities inside huge globalised metropolises.

Share Festival and Bruce Sterling collaborated with Radio Flash, Odaoardo Fioravanti Sutudio and M.I.AFRICA to realize a african radio show, Radio Africa, and a gateway for the all the Torino’s africans,

Design arising from a community of users organising restricted mass production to rapidly meet specific sorts of limited demand destined for instantaneous diffusion.
Vital, energetic and deeply experimental design, produced using poor materials and technology deriving from informal economies, and often full of symbolic content.
Highly creative design, which moves beyond the restrictive boundaries of international luxury production and meets precise needs linked to immediate survival or to lifestyles under constant change.

The project Torino Geodesign revolves around the collaboration between 40 communities in the area and a similar number of international designers and Italian companies.
Focusing attention on people instead of objects, Torino Geodesign aims to trigger off new forms of business enterprise in various local communities by setting up an intricate network of relations in which there is a blurring of the distinctions between customers and users, manufacturers and beneficiaries of design. In a dynamic system, a far cry from the idea of free aid or support, the designer becomes the catalyst of all kinds of experiments and reactions deriving from new forms of interaction.
The challenge behind this complex mechanism, where the traditional division of roles between the commissioning client, the designer and the consumer are tested, subverted and recomposed, is of an obviously political and social nature. The project aims in fact to seek out new energy for the world of design and new models for the relationship between city dwellers and city administration based on activating collective energy.
The designers, artists and architects, chosen through an international idea-seeking competition, work together with the communities in a series of design workshops on varying themes identified through a flexible, experimental process (magazines, packaging, brand images, objects for large-scale production such as clothes horses for council housing, the reorganisation of public areas).
The prototypes – together with sketches, designs, film and photos of the entire process – flow into a major show, the evidence of a new systematic way of organising design.