Call for Share Prize 2013

Piemonte Share is announcing a new edition of the Share Prize, the international competition designed to discover, promote and support art in the digital age.

Entries for the Share Prize can be submitted from 20h June to 20th August 2013, by completing the entry form on the website The Share Prize this year will focus on the theme for the 9th Share Festival, entitled Real Time | Real Space.

This year, Share Festival will be shining the spotlight on how communications have become simultaneous and geolocalized in contemporary cities, sharpening its focus and critique onto the integration of digital networks in the urban environment.

Artists are not just aesthetic messengers but social agents, who use networks to change the way we think about media and relational space. The artistic practices they pioneer create critical prisms through which to view urban space. The artistic realm is overlapped with the physical, urban world to explore a new dimension in which art can redirect the social and political leanings of networks, communities and artists into performances.

Instead of taking humans into virtual space, digital technology has enhanced the way we interact with others and with the physical world. Today, the map is no longer a representation of the territory; rather, it incorporates it. How do people shape, and how are they shaped by, the integrated platform created between data and location?

An international jury will short-list six projects for the prize, who will be selected to take part in the 9th Share Festival, to be held in Torino from 8th to 17th November 2013, at the Regional Museum of Natural Science.  The names of the short-listed finalists will be announced by the beginning of september 2013.



Piemonte Share takes part in the Architecture in the City Festival

Piemonte Share is pleased to announce that it will be taking part in the City of Turin’s Architecture in the City Festival and Smart City Days programme. Its key contribution will come through its involvement in the concept project “DFAFS — From Futurism to a Sustainable Future”, developed by Studio Greengrass, retracing 100 years of creativity and industry, art and business, in Italy’s “industrial triangle” (Turin—Genoa—Milan), and through the “Smart City Manifesto” conference.

The Architecture in the City Festival will be opened with the inauguration on 27th May, 2013, at 6pm, of a multimedia exhibition at the Officine Grandi Riparazioni (OGR), designed and developed by Studio Greengrass and Koji Miyazaki, in collaboration with Quattrolinee and Action Sharing. The opening night will see the launch of the DFAFS project, taking as it starting point a series of insights into the development of the city of Turin, divided time-wise into Past, Present, and Future.

Action Sharing will present its productions from recent years (OMM—Marinetti Mechanical Orchestra and Cymatics) in the “Past” and “Present” sections, whilst in the “Future” section it will be launching a third season of Action Sharing. The new call for projects will focus on the concept of environmental sustainability. Thanks to the support of the Torino Chamber of Commerce and the Environment Park, the project will culminate in the production of multimedia works of art that leave a low environmental footprint and use renewable sources of energy. At the inaugural event on 27th May, the OMM—featuring two robot percussionists playing steel drums “live” under the direction of a performer—will perform the Italian debut of “The Hamlet Countdown,” the latest piece composed by Angelo Comino. For the entire duration of the exhibition, Cymatics will be on show to the public, the kinetic installation made of “music you can see and images you can hear,” conceived by Japanese artist Suguru Goto and produced in collaboration with local businesses in Piedmont.

On Thursday, 29th May, at 11am, the OGR will be hosting the “Smart City Manifesto” conference, featuring Simona Lodi, art director and founder of the Share Festival; Giulio Lughi, Professor of Communications and Digital Media at the University of Turin; Rossella Maspoli, architect and lecturer at the Department of Architecture and Design, Polytechnic of Turin; and Mirjam Struppek, researcher in Urban Media and curator. To help launch the cultural debate on sustainable cities, an interdisciplinary group is working on a Manifesto to set out what are the key concepts and guidelines for building a future we want to live in.
The working group revolves around the network of people involved in the Share Festival, which originally launched the project. People keen to work together on an initiative that can inspire and give a fresh spark to the Smart Cities movement by encouraging a more socially-aware, shared, practical, healthy, human and sustainable vision of the city, designed for people and communities.

Monday, 27th May – 1st June, 2013
DFAFS — From Futurism to a Sustainable Future” 10 am – 9 pm
Officine Grandi Riparazioni, Corso Castelfidardo, 22, Turin
Free Admission

The Connecticity by Salvatore Iaconesi & Oriana Persico

LEA Volume 19 Issue 1
Volume Editors: Lanfranco Aceti and Richard Rinehart
Editors: Ozden Sahin, Jonathan Munro and Catherine M. Weir

Connecticity, Augmented Perception of the City
+ Interview, Statement, Artwork

by Salvatore Iaconesi & Oriana Persico

We constantly re-interpret and transform the spaces around us.

The ways in which we constantly personalize the spaces which we traverse
and in which we perform our daily routines communicate information about
emotions, knowledge, skills, methodologies, cultures and desires.

This process takes place in digital realms as well, which start to ubiquitously
merge with cities.

Mobile devices, smartphones, wearables, digital tags, near field communication
devices, location based services and mixed/augmented reality have turned
the world into an essentially read/write, ubiquitous publishing surface.

The usage of mobile devices and ubiquitous technologies alters the understanding
of place.

In our research, we investigated the possibilities to conceptualize, design
and implement a series of usage scenarios, moving fluidly across arts, sciences
and the practices of city governance and community design.

The objective we set forth sees the creation of multiple, stratified narratives
onto the city, set in place by citizens, organizations and administrations.
These real-time stories and conversations can be captured and observed, to gain
insights on fundamental issues such as ecology, sustainability, mobility, energy,
politics, culture, creativity and participatory innovation processes.

These methodologies for real-time observation of cities help us take part
in a networked structure, shaped as a diffused expert system, capturing disseminated
intelligence to coagulate it into a framework for the real-time processing of
urban information.

Full article is available for download as a pdf here.

Volume 19 Issue 1 of Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA) is published online as a free PDF but will also be rolled out as Amazon Print on Demand and will be available on iTunes, iPad, Kindle and other e-publishing outlets.

Leonardo Electronic Almanac talks about Cymatics

Leonardo Electronic Almanac dedicated an article to the sculpture Cymatics by Suguru Goto.

Cymatics is the second production of the project Action Sharing, sponsored by the Torino Chamber of commerce.
Cymatics is a kinetic sculpture and sound installation that expresses the artist’s vision of nature through a series of symbolic elements that are used harmoniously in a technological context.
LEA Volume 18 Issue 3?Volume Editors: Lanfranco Aceti, Janis Jefferies, Irini Papadimitriou?Editors: Jonathan Munro and Özden ?ahin
ISBN: 978-1-906897-18-5?ISSN: 1071-4391
Reference: Simona Lodi and Luca Barbeni, “Suguru Goto, Cymatics, 2011 – An Action Sharing Production,” eds. Lanfranco Aceti, Janis Jefferies and Irini Papadimitriou, Leonardo Electronic Almanac (Touch and Go) 18, no. 3 (2012): 10-25.?&?Reference: Paul Squires, “Suguru Goto in conversation with Paul Squires,” eds. Lanfranco Aceti, Janis Jefferies and Irini Papadimitriou, Leonardo Electronic Almanac (Touch and Go) 18, no. 3 (2012): 28-29.

More information and the pdf of the article can be found here.