Japan Media Arts Festival

This is the 15th year since the Japan Media Arts Festival was first held in 1997. The festival is organized by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, with the aim of promoting the creation and development of media arts (comics, animation, game and media art).
The Japan Media Arts Festival makes awards for outstanding creative works in the divisions of Arts, Entertainment, Animation and Manga, and provides opportunities to introduce these works through the award announcement, ceremony, and exhibition of the award-winning works.

Last year saw 1951 entries from Japan and 694 from elsewhere (48 countries and regions) and more than 70,000 visitors attended the exhibition of award-winning works. The festival has grown into an event that attracts wide attention both in Japan and around the world.
In addition, the award-winning works will be entered and exhibited in media arts-related festivals and animated film festivals in Japan and overseas. In 2010, the festival’s award-winning works were also exhibited at 17 events in Japan, including the Hiroshima International Animation Festival, Okinawa Film Festival and Sapporo International Short Motion Picture Festival, as well as 23 events overseas including the Japan Expo in France, ISEA in Germany and Ars Electronica in Austria.

Awards Ceremony: Tuesday, February 21, 2012 Tokyo Midtown
Exhibition of Award-winning Works: Wednesday, February 22 through Sunday, March 4, 2012
The National Art Center, Tokyo

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Japan Media Arts Festival Secretariat Office
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