14th February, 2009 – 10.30 PM
LOVE SHARE – Love in the Age of Social Networks
VILLA CAPRIGLIO?Strada al Traforo di Pino 67, Torino

“Love Share – Love in the Age of Social Networks” is an event dedicated to love and eroticism at Villa Capriglio, on occasion of the “Innamorati della Cultura” night in support of culture, to be held on Valentine’s Day.

The event was conceived by Simona Lodi and has been organised by The Sharing, a Cultural Association for the creation and promotion of digital art and culture and organiser of the Share Festival, by Situazione Xplosiva, a Cultural Association for the promotion and development of a new electronic musical culture in Piedmont and Italy, and by Malafestival/Servi di Scena.

This year’s Art & Love VI will feature installations, screenings and Internet stations provided by the Share Festival, which light-heartedly explore the relationship between love and the Web 2.0. – How have sentimental relationships changed with the advent of mobile phones, chat sites, and social networks such as YouTube, Facebook, MSN and Flickr? What is love like today in the age of file sharing? Where did I leave my rechargeable love battery?

A wide variety of contents will featured over the night. At 10.30 PM, screenings will be presented of the film Mr. Raven Show by F. Zuliani and the video Ci sarà by Coniglio Viola, followed by amateur porn videos, winners of the second Come to Cut  festival in Berlin, by Tatiana Bazzichelli and Gaia Novati, and finally a selection of videos on the topic taken from YouTube. A visual background framing the event will consist of Flash animation by Minimal Porno, a web project hosted by the activist collective Isole nella Rete. Alongside the uninterrupted flow of images, a video-performance by Malafestival/Servi di Scena opus rt will also be presented, featuring Vanessa Vozzo, along with the address of Giacomo Verde – “The Evil Savage – Fragments of a People Battling for Survival PART II”. ?The loving-interactive setting will further be brought to life by the installation “Les amantes (loving the crisis)” by xDxD, featuring penelope.di.pixel.

The night will then kick on after midnight with club music, featuring guest DJs Titta, Taba, Nano, Step, Eniac, Pulsar and a live performance by The Pure.
Sergio Ricciardone will be presenting a special DJ set for two people at the Villa’s famous Cappellina.

The organisers of Art & Love VI at Villa Capriglio support the “Innamorati della Cultura” day, a special event culture, designed to shed light on the work of cultural operators and raise awareness on just how much they do and the quality of their initiatives. Foundations, associations, cinemas, galleries, museums, libraries, theatres and orchestras will be open and active all day long with a dense programme of events, in which you are all invited to participate.