Film screening: “The Hypnotising Dog” – Zapruder

5th November – 8 PM – Regional Museum of Natural Science – via Giolitti 36, Torino
Presented by the directors Nadia Ranocchi and David Zamagni.

Zapruder is an art collective that has decided to make films using an amateur process, like in the workshops of yesteryear. Their films are tributes to cinema, art and literature, reworkings of a collective cinematic imagination, reproduced using unsophisticated, amateur means, such as their 3D stereoscope. Awarded at the Venice Film Festival and acclaimed in art and cinema circles, their creed is based on the magical moment of Abraham Zapruder, the tailor who on 22nd November, 1963 filmed the assassination of J. F. Kennedy, and brought amateur film-making onto the world stage. This forerunner of citizen journalism has become a model for an expressive language based on amateurism, independent production and low-tech stereoscopy.

by Simone Arcagni.