Cymatics – Suguru Goto

Exhibition Extended Until November 20th
Regional Museum of Natural Science, via Giolitti 36 Torino

Share Festival 2011 Cops and Robbers


Cymatics is a kinetic sculpture and sound installation that expresses the artist’s vision of nature through a series of symbolic elements that are used harmoniously in a technological context.

Cymatics creates real spaces that are metaphysical and spiritual at the same time. A place where art is a bridge between the material and the spiritual, between technology and nature, and between the humanities and science. Two cubes, two rooms, two substances – water and non-Newtonian fluid – are brought together into spaces where sound waves transform the substances into geometric shapes. The result is a harmonic vision of the elements of nature, demonstrating the morphogenic effect of sound waves (cymatics).

The creative process involved building a synergy between music to be seen and images to be heard, so as to create a sensorial performance for the complexity of human perception.

Goto’s works have been performed at major festivals. In 1998, he was invited to perform at Sonar, Barcelona; in 2003, he gave a concert at the Pompidou Centre, in Paris; and in 2009 his ’Robotic Music’ was shown at the 53rd Venice Biennale in Italy.

Cymatics is the second project to be produced by Action Sharing, an initiative proudly sponsored by the Torino Chamber of Commerce. Action Sharing is designed to create a platform for syncretic research, encouraging the convergence of art, innovation and science. Action Sharing is the only project of its kind in Europe to give artists a team of robotics engineers, with specific high-level expertise, to produce works of visual art.

10 am – 7 pm
ticket 5€