Smart Communities, Open Data and Complexity – Lorenzo Benussi

09th nov – 5PM – Regional Museum of Natural Science

The exponential amounts of data available allow us to experience analytical processes that are based not so much on preconceived theories and models but on the observation of evolving information flows (the so-called “emergent” properties of systems). This paradigm shift in interpretation can generate new patterns of action and participatory policy-making processes, but to exploit its potential, the data must be made available and shared. It is only by sharing that we can deconstruct the processes and engage society, the individual, associations, and companies, so as to multiply intelligence and conceive new models of public management. The privileged venues for the production of these huge data streams are the urban centers that are turning into information hubs and becoming “smarter,” or at least potentially so. But real “smart cities” have to be transparent, open and participatory, not “glass cities” in which everything and everyone is observed by the public controller. Thanks to digital technologies and active participation processes,  cities can become a tool at the service of the community, a tool of freedom (and not control).

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