The Open Future – Sabina Barcucci, Claudia D’Alonzo, Alessandro Delfanti, Marco Mancuso, Bertram Niessen

09th nov – 2.30PM – Regional Museum of Natural Science

Recent social transformations connected to changes in economy and technology are questioning seriously our traditional ways to conceive culture, social relationships, communication, creativity and innovation. “The Open Future” monographic issue explores this panorama according to six curators. Bertram Niessen investigates the social ambiguity of digital creativity, the chances given by bottom-up co-production and the challenges offered by web-based practices of creative sharing. Claudia D’Alonzo and Marco Mancuso focus on the changes of creation practice, dissemination and fruition of audio-visual artistic contents. Elena Biserna provides an overview on musical artistic practices and show the significance of this scenario in the cultural sphere. Sabina Barcucci investigates reasons, state of the art and developments of the relationships among design and complexity. Alessandro Delfanti examines the problem of the transformation of science epistemology, focusing on the political, artistic and cultural dimensions of biohacking and DIYbio.

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