Thanks to all

Dear Share Festival friends,
thank you for getting behind us once again this year.
The Share Festival continues to be a one and only event in Italy that is enjoying growing popularity with an ever wider public attracted by art in the digital age.

The 9th Share Festival — REAL TIME | REAL SPACE — played host this year to 15 artists, 6 panellists, 2 exhibitions, and 2 performances, for a total of 11 dates in 18 consecutive festival days.

This year we collaborated closely with the Cantieri OGR and the Regional Museum of Natural Science, as well as the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts, of course, building on and proving the value of networking with all the different people who joined forces to create a very special moment in Turin. Through their works, the artists explored a number of insights into real time and real space. At the conferences, panellists presented their points of view from different perspectives, converging on the fundamental need to empower people and culture to play a leading role in the innovative transformation of the society, communities and territories we live in. Key words such as real time, physical space, hybrid space, tactical media, sustainable production, ubiquity, data flows, and community set the stage for the issues discussed and debated at conferences by international panellists. The festival was an inspiration for all— for guests, artists, panellists and the public.
The leading role of the Piemonte Share Festival in terms of content and the cutting edge focus of its perspectives were also applauded by the local and national media, which dedicated significant space and flattering words in their coverage of the festival.

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