Shortlist for Share Prize 2015


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Share Prize jury members Paola Antonelli, Captain Samantha Cristoforetti, Chiara Garibaldi, Jasmina Tesanovic and Bruce Sterling have chosen six works for display in Share Festival 2016.
The theme of this year’s festival is technology and media art suitable for private spaces. The
festival venue is the “Casa Jasmina” House of the Future at the Torino Fab Lab. The Share jury – comprised of an astronaut, museum curator, festival director, Internet activist and science fiction writer – met in the Casa Jasmina house, and selected six artworks that accentuate this unique venue.

In the ”HOUSE GUESTS” Living Room:

“Follower” by Lauren McCarthy (USA)
The large display screen in the Casa Jasmina main room will be the headquarters for this satirical web installation, in which volunteers will be physically “followed” around Torino by social-media stalkers whom they never meet. 

“3DPrinted Tourbillon Watch” by Christoph Laimer (CH)
This stately domestic timepiece accents the living room, since it is a functional Swiss clock that is almost entirely printed from plastic. The Laimer Watch is open-source hardware, so every working piece of it is open for inspection, on the web and in the home as well. 

In the ”HOUSE GUESTS” Kitchen:

“SafeCoffee” by Carlo Galli (IT)
Fine Italian coffee will be served during Share Festival from this looming device, which wittily combines an automatic coffee thermos with an urban surveillance camera. 

“Food-Data” by Tobias Zimmer (DE)
Share Festival will offer Italian snacks on these unique plates, whose decorative patterns are graphically generated from the leftover crumbs from previous meals.
The Festival will be creating some brand-new Zimmer plates from the edible debris of our festival

In the ”HOUSE GUESTS” Bedroom:

“Body Instruments II” by Jean-Michel Rolland (FR)
This Kinect-controlled music installation, placed in a corner of the bedroom, offers soothing bedtime music and also some healthy exercise. 

In the ”HOUSE GUESTS” Hall:

“Politics of Power” by Automato (PRC)
This new hardware installation by Automato, composed by Simone Rebaudengo (IT) Matthieu Cherubini (CH) Saurabh Datta (IND), allows guests to ponder the
implications of network politics within a household electrical network. Which of the eighteen
lightbulbs have seized electric power, and which ones are politically denied their chance to shine? 

Share Festival 2015/2016 also features eight curated works from “”, on display in chosen rooms throughout Casa Jasmina, plus tableware by digital architect Caterina Tiazzoldi,
panels, workshops, the Share Award and more.
Please join us!

Share Festival XI° edition
19th May – 28th May | Torino

CasaJasmina – Via Egeo 16 – Torino
Fablab Torino – Via Egeo 16 – Torino
Toolbox Coworking – Via Montefeltro 2 – Torino