Piemonte Share Festival, the Italian art fair of electronic art, digital art and new media, announces our jury meeting and two public symposia for March 30 and 31, 2017.

Our five jurors are:
MASSIMO BANZI, a founder of Arduino and a maestro of open-source electronics;
SHELDON BROWN, the Director of the Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination at the, University of California San Diego;
ANGELO “MOTOR” COMINO, veteran technology artist;
JASMINA TESANOVIC, activist and creator of the “Internet of Women Things”;
BRUCE STERLING, Share Festival Art Director for 2017.

Our electronic network society has many virtues, but opacity, deceit and obscurantism are among its vices. For 2017, Share Festival raises its lantern of Diogenes to search for technical artworks that are honest.

How can a work be technically accomplished, yet also lucid, clear and trustworthy? How can art works gracefully remove the smoke-and-mirrors of mystification and make an art of explaining themselves? How can technology art treat the audience with justice, fairness and respect for their civilized intelligence? Who has the emotional courage to privilege the heartfelt confession over the domination of digitalcraft?

We sincerely invite you to enter your art work for this year’s theme of ‘Sincerity‘.

Our stellar jury of international experts is searching for art works with the virtues of lucidity, honesty and clarity. Our theme for 2017 asks for self-evident truth and heartfelt emotion, and scorns all slyness, demagoguery and deceit.

After their jury duty, Massimo Banzi, Sheldon Brown and Bruce Sterling will gather on a public panel at Toolbox CoWorking in Turin for a panel discussion on the current state of electronic art. Given these participants, the audience can expect an informed and intense discussion on the topic of building anything that mankind can imagine.

You are invited at Toolbox Coworking, Via Agostino da Montefeltro, 2 Torino Thursday, March 30th | Ore, 18,00

On March 31, we will put our imaginary ideas to a pragmatic test with the new Share ‘Artmaker‘ portable tool kit. This event will be a seminar in which some of Italy’s best-known technology artists gather at the Torino Fab Lab to get hands-on with our new creative toolbox.

Why the ‘Artmaker‘ tool set? Because standard, everyday art-supply stores never have the proper tools that the contemporary creative needs for creating machine art, kinetic art, device art, media installations and The modern tech-artist is a mobile person, and therefore needs lightweight, agile, durable road-equipment, so as to maintain or repair art-devices created in the heavy machine-shop, fab-lab or tech atelier.

Share Festival has therefore assembled the portable ‘ Artmaker‘ set, the first toolkit ever specifically curated for the pressing needs of today’s technology-artists. These chosen hand-tools are beautiful, elegant, and well-designed, because most of them are manufactured in Italy. The entire set is so portable and lightweight that even a humanities graduate can lift it, and yet it is so intrinsically meaningful, so endowed with creative purpose that you, the artist, will immediately feel the urge to build something complicated with it. We sincerely promise that these tools will efficiently and usefully perform artistic functions!

The Artmaker toolkit is also supposed to be (a) affordable and (b) safe, and here we should frankly admit that our Share Festival Artmaker has some issues. These tools are gorgeous, but they cost a fortune and could easily kill you. So we will be publicly gathering our well-chosen Italian experts to confront the Artmaker set, to figure out whether its artist-users might be wounded or perhaps arrested in airports.

To accomplish this end, our brave volunteers will rehearse making some prototype art objects with the Artmaker’s various blades, pliers, wires, vices, hammer, LED lights, Arduino board and its many other elegant yet ominous components. This March 31 event will be the first time that the Share ‘Artmaker‘ set has ever been used by people who know what they are doing. The audience will not participate in this seminar (because we lack the legal safety clearances), but it will probably be a lot of fun to watch.
Please join us!