Shortlist for Share Prize ‘Sincerity’


Once again, over one hundred and fifty artists from around the world have submitted their projects for the 2016/2017 edition of the SHARE FESTIVAL, whose theme is ‘Sincerity’.

Share Prize International jury , this year, featured by Massimo Banzi, Sheldon Brown, Angelo ‘Motor’ Comino, Jasmina Tesanovic and Bruno Argento after an intense discussion has selected six participants in the ‘Sincerity’ exhibition, which will take place at Toolbox (Via Agostino da Montefeltro, 2 Turin) from 26th to 28th May 2017:

Apotropia |”The Kiss” | (IT)
A contact between two bodies. Sharing intense information. A chemical cocktail in the brain.

Lynn Bianchi | “Irina’s Sunrise” and “Coney Island” | (USA)
In these works the artist synthetizesseveral elements that are archetypically: the beauty, the sense of peace, the concepts of reality and non-reality and the conncetion with the environment.

Daniel Jolliffe | ‘’Perfect View’’ | (CA)
Perfect View is an interactive sculpture that personifies the human desire always to show one’s best side to others

Andrea Leoni | “Line” | (IT)
A line develops and marks its surrounding space in search of a composition strategy: it multiplies, extends by increasing its size to create more and more complex forms.

Neil Mendoza | “Electric Knife Orchestra” | (UK)
An orchestra made up of sixteen knives and a beehive playing the Bee Gees ‘1977 Hit’ Stayin ‘Alive’

Riccardo Torresi | “Relative Space” | (DE)
Installation consisting of a fabric chamber suspended by a wired system. Six central anchorages reacting to the visitors approaching. The more people roam in the room, the more the space becomes available.

Share Festival will also present the eight works by artists selected for the special project ‘ARTMAKER’: Sergio Barboni, Fabio Battistetti, Serena Cangiano, Carlo Galli, Alessandro Sciaraffa and Diego Scroppo, all of them will show a work or a project using ‘Share Artmaker Bag’.

Share Festival: May from 26th to 28th there will also be workshops, conferences and more.

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