SHARE PRIZE XI – you have one month to apply your artwork!

Thank you to all the more than 100 artists worldwide that  have sent in their proposals for Share Prize XI ‘Frankenstein: Il Moderno Prometeo’’.

One month left to send your proposal! 

‘’ SHARE FESTIVAL XIII is about the many powerful entities mankind has built, that are active among us, huge, strong, unloved, scary, mythic and Romantically tragic.  They are alive! — but we are the children of Mary Shelley, and of Byron’s daughter Ada Lovelace.  What about them — and what about us?’’…..

An international panel of judges will short-list six nominees for the prize, who will be invited to exhibit at the customary Share Prize exhibition in Turin in May 2018 during Share Festival XIII edition. The names of the short-listed finalists will be announced by the end of March 2018.