Il rifugio per la memoria frammentata di un’intelligenza artificiale caduta in disgrazia – Fabio Battistetti, Paola Lesina

technical support: Fabrizio Raimondo, Angelo Comino

Study for a work: space to stay, rest, and move and to explore our memory, our experiences and remembrances. Nowadays human cognitive abilities have been matched, if not surpassed, by the computational model of neural networks. We are perennially connected and kept alive (socially) by the devices we handle. Virtual reality is real, within the reach of a finger. A notification invites us to another dimension. If we forget something, we can ask the oracle of G*****. Once we would have delved into our own memory. Today, we instinctively ask a search engine. It is estimated that in 2025, the amount of data exchanged annually will reach 180 zettabytes, archived in data centers scattered across the globe. The result is that it will be nearly impossible to identify where the data for the photos of my beach holidays are found. The work consists of several elements: some created during its assembly with Paola Lesina, in a performance on the sign. The space is delimited by a carpet on which flow charts have been drawn, showing the development of our thought on Prometheus, a pouffe tracing the form of the person who sits there, notebooks and albums with reproductions of neural network diagrams. Other elements evoke the physical nature of memory and rest. By moving around the space, a soundscape of words, big data and melody is activated.

Fabio Battistetti is a sound and visual artist. He works in the fields of hybridization between the themes of digital and the research for simplicity in nature. His creative imprint refers to diy ethic, digital arts and an intense relationship with the natural environment. A story in progress, made by the union of points within the life’s path. The turning point is the production of the performative work, Into The Wood, which reflects on the human interaction with the forest and natural elements trough the sound. Later the wood has suggested the exploration in visual art through an empathic and experiential approach. He recently investigates the topic of listening, with a personal approach to the soundscape in a relational and performative perspective.