Share Prize XII Ghosts


Share Festival, the Italian exhibition of contemporary tech art and science, with the Artistic Direction of Bruce Sterling announces the opening of the call.
The theme of the Share Prize XII edition is:


Are we the living ghosts of dead ancestors, of the otherness of the past, its invisible shadows? Or is the past the ghost of ourselves, present, alive and visible?
Do we speak to our ghosts, consciously, every day, through art, mind and the material world, or do the ghosts act, fiercely driving us to the unavoidable but creative path of continuity?
Science has its paranormal aspects, when the invisible powers that shape our world become visible to us: bacteria, the DNA within our cells, electricity… Our computation and our neural networks aspire to the telepathic and the telekinetic…

Art and science join hands to expand our senses and illuminate the unseen and the unknown. Electronic art is at the core of that relationship: so technical and yet so ethereal, untouchable, invisible, virtual… Pushing the borders of unearthly, the sensible and the nonsensible, nothingness or epiphany…

Ghosts have been always popular, and the dead for outnumber than the living. Literature and movies teem with ghosts, and in classic cinema, the actors, screenwriters and directors who parade across our screens are all long-dead. A cultural tradition means that the dead are still living. Those we once loved never leave us; they expand within us as we grow. The gifts we receive from the dead are the world’s only genuine gifts. The dead are, by definition, those who give to us without reward. Their gifts to us are valuable tools for understanding and healing.

In Share Festival’s history we have had many artists, friends, precursors , spiritual ancestors, who left their ghostly traces and voices, whom we want to evoke and cherish with this call.

Ghosts can be angels or demons, Hamlet’s vengeful ghost or secretive ghost writers. They can be male or female or transgender. They can be a political heritage we must never forget, or personal demons we must keep at a distance. Ghosts can be famous or anonymous, seers or spies.

Turin is well-known as the esoteric capital of black and white magic, and Share Festival thrives in Turin. This year we will unleash and reveal our ghosts, mysterious, wild, unpredictable. The invisible will become visible, the phantoms will be realized. This year at Share Festival we invite the planet’s ghosts to a seat of honor at our seance table.



Share Prize XI jury meeting

After the jury meeting, the six finalist works will be published and than exhibited at the XIII Share Festival!





Jury is alive!


Share Festival, the Italian art fair of electronic art, digital art and new media, in its XIII edition





Share prize XI edition jury, meant to evaluate the artistic responses to the genuinely “monstrous” aspects of technology:


LAURA MILANI, President of Museo Nazionale del Cinema di Torino

REGINE DEBATTY, writer, blogger, curator and founder of

DANIELE TERZOLI, writer and coordinator of ‘Trieste Science+Fiction Festival’
JASMINA TESANOVIC, creator of the “IoWT”  and curator of Share Prize Xi edition

BRUCE STERLING, Share Festival Art Director


Our fabulous five jurors will pick up six artwork, among which the winner of the Prize and that will displayed in the first days of June in Turin.  


Send your artwork until the 18th of February 2018 for apply for Share Prize XI edition Frankenstein.


Stay Tuned for More!!










What do you think are Bruce Sterling, Jasmina Tesanovic, Stefano Mirti, Salvatore Iaconesi, Oriana Persico, Chiara Garibaldi, Federico De Giuli conspiring about?

2018 is going to be full of new projects for Share. Keep watching us!






SHARE PRIZE XI – you have one month to apply your artwork!

Thank you to all the more than 100 artists worldwide that  have sent in their proposals for Share Prize XI ‘Frankenstein: Il Moderno Prometeo’’.

One month left to send your proposal! 

‘’ SHARE FESTIVAL XIII is about the many powerful entities mankind has built, that are active among us, huge, strong, unloved, scary, mythic and Romantically tragic.  They are alive! — but we are the children of Mary Shelley, and of Byron’s daughter Ada Lovelace.  What about them — and what about us?’’…..

An international panel of judges will short-list six nominees for the prize, who will be invited to exhibit at the customary Share Prize exhibition in Turin in May 2018 during Share Festival XIII edition. The names of the short-listed finalists will be announced by the end of March 2018.








Share Prize Competition XI – Frankestein

 For the 11th consecutive Share Prize, organized by Share Festival, the Italian exhibition of electronic art, digital art and new media is happy to announce the theme of the upcoming edition:   FRANKENSTEIN IL MODERNO PROMETEO   Two hundred years ago this year, “Frankenstein”  was first published.  The author kept herself anonymous, so that no one would guess that she was a radical teenage feminist who had run off to Italy. Victor Frankenstein is a bright Swiss college student with a private lab.  Victor secretly hacks dead bodies and builds a giant.  One dark night, Victor “infuses the spark of being” into his superhuman creation.    But “Frankenstein’s Monster” never gets a name. He does have a mother — Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley — but he has never had any legal identity, not for two hundred years.   Illegal, unethical, penniless and not even human, he’s the ultimate clandestine refugee. This Nameless One has no family, no friends and no legal papers. He’s a citizen of nowhere,  lurching off the design table into a troubled, fragmented world of epic Greek mythic passions and torch-and-pitchfork mob riots.  The Nameless One wanders the globe.  He listens and learns by  spying on people.  Often he does free favors, and even works hard for no pay.  Yet despite all these conveniences, people never trust the Monster.  He  exists; he grows ever bolder, stronger and more capable; but he can never really be one of us. When he “friends” people,  the alien becomes even less human. He becomes a troll; he rants, rages, demands a female soul-mate,  and plots cruel reprisals on innocent brides.  Those who know him best are the ones who dread him worst.     Must the Modern Prometheus suffer for his gift of fire?  Must he be chased down with torches by an angry and panicking user-base?  Will Silicon Valley ever have a Hollywood happy ending?   SHARE FESTIVAL XIII is about the many powerful entities mankind has built, that are active among us, huge, strong, unloved, scary, mythic and Romantically tragic.  They are alive! — but we are the children of Mary Shelley, and of Byron’s daughter Ada Lovelace.  What about them — and what about us? Jasmina Tešanovic   An international panel of judges will short-list six nominees for the prize, who will be invited to exhibit at the customary Share Prize exhibition in Turin in May 2018. ?The names of the short-listed finalists will be announced by the end of March 2018.

Share Prize competition XI

Take part in the competition






Shortlist for Share Prize ‘Sincerity’


Once again, over one hundred and fifty artists from around the world have submitted their projects for the 2016/2017 edition of the SHARE FESTIVAL, whose theme is ‘Sincerity’.

Share Prize International jury , this year, featured by Massimo Banzi, Sheldon Brown, Angelo ‘Motor’ Comino, Jasmina Tesanovic and Bruno Argento after an intense discussion has selected six participants in the ‘Sincerity’ exhibition, which will take place at Toolbox (Via Agostino da Montefeltro, 2 Turin) from 26th to 28th May 2017:

Apotropia |”The Kiss” | (IT)
A contact between two bodies. Sharing intense information. A chemical cocktail in the brain.

Lynn Bianchi | “Irina’s Sunrise” and “Coney Island” | (USA)
In these works the artist synthetizesseveral elements that are archetypically: the beauty, the sense of peace, the concepts of reality and non-reality and the conncetion with the environment.

Daniel Jolliffe | ‘’Perfect View’’ | (CA)
Perfect View is an interactive sculpture that personifies the human desire always to show one’s best side to others

Andrea Leoni | “Line” | (IT)
A line develops and marks its surrounding space in search of a composition strategy: it multiplies, extends by increasing its size to create more and more complex forms.

Neil Mendoza | “Electric Knife Orchestra” | (UK)
An orchestra made up of sixteen knives and a beehive playing the Bee Gees ‘1977 Hit’ Stayin ‘Alive’

Riccardo Torresi | “Relative Space” | (DE)
Installation consisting of a fabric chamber suspended by a wired system. Six central anchorages reacting to the visitors approaching. The more people roam in the room, the more the space becomes available.

Share Festival will also present the eight works by artists selected for the special project ‘ARTMAKER’: Sergio Barboni, Fabio Battistetti, Serena Cangiano, Carlo Galli, Alessandro Sciaraffa and Diego Scroppo, all of them will show a work or a project using ‘Share Artmaker Bag’.

Share Festival: May from 26th to 28th there will also be workshops, conferences and more.

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Sincerely yours,


Piemonte Share Festival, the Italian art fair of electronic art, digital art and new media, announces our jury meeting and two public symposia for March 30 and 31, 2017.

Our five jurors are:
MASSIMO BANZI, a founder of Arduino and a maestro of open-source electronics;
SHELDON BROWN, the Director of the Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination at the, University of California San Diego;
ANGELO “MOTOR” COMINO, veteran technology artist;
JASMINA TESANOVIC, activist and creator of the “Internet of Women Things”;
BRUCE STERLING, Share Festival Art Director for 2017.

Our electronic network society has many virtues, but opacity, deceit and obscurantism are among its vices. For 2017, Share Festival raises its lantern of Diogenes to search for technical artworks that are honest.

How can a work be technically accomplished, yet also lucid, clear and trustworthy? How can art works gracefully remove the smoke-and-mirrors of mystification and make an art of explaining themselves? How can technology art treat the audience with justice, fairness and respect for their civilized intelligence? Who has the emotional courage to privilege the heartfelt confession over the domination of digitalcraft?

We sincerely invite you to enter your art work for this year’s theme of ‘Sincerity‘.

Our stellar jury of international experts is searching for art works with the virtues of lucidity, honesty and clarity. Our theme for 2017 asks for self-evident truth and heartfelt emotion, and scorns all slyness, demagoguery and deceit.

After their jury duty, Massimo Banzi, Sheldon Brown and Bruce Sterling will gather on a public panel at Toolbox CoWorking in Turin for a panel discussion on the current state of electronic art. Given these participants, the audience can expect an informed and intense discussion on the topic of building anything that mankind can imagine.

You are invited at Toolbox Coworking, Via Agostino da Montefeltro, 2 Torino Thursday, March 30th | Ore, 18,00

On March 31, we will put our imaginary ideas to a pragmatic test with the new Share ‘Artmaker‘ portable tool kit. This event will be a seminar in which some of Italy’s best-known technology artists gather at the Torino Fab Lab to get hands-on with our new creative toolbox.

Why the ‘Artmaker‘ tool set? Because standard, everyday art-supply stores never have the proper tools that the contemporary creative needs for creating machine art, kinetic art, device art, media installations and The modern tech-artist is a mobile person, and therefore needs lightweight, agile, durable road-equipment, so as to maintain or repair art-devices created in the heavy machine-shop, fab-lab or tech atelier.

Share Festival has therefore assembled the portable ‘ Artmaker‘ set, the first toolkit ever specifically curated for the pressing needs of today’s technology-artists. These chosen hand-tools are beautiful, elegant, and well-designed, because most of them are manufactured in Italy. The entire set is so portable and lightweight that even a humanities graduate can lift it, and yet it is so intrinsically meaningful, so endowed with creative purpose that you, the artist, will immediately feel the urge to build something complicated with it. We sincerely promise that these tools will efficiently and usefully perform artistic functions!

The Artmaker toolkit is also supposed to be (a) affordable and (b) safe, and here we should frankly admit that our Share Festival Artmaker has some issues. These tools are gorgeous, but they cost a fortune and could easily kill you. So we will be publicly gathering our well-chosen Italian experts to confront the Artmaker set, to figure out whether its artist-users might be wounded or perhaps arrested in airports.

To accomplish this end, our brave volunteers will rehearse making some prototype art objects with the Artmaker’s various blades, pliers, wires, vices, hammer, LED lights, Arduino board and its many other elegant yet ominous components. This March 31 event will be the first time that the Share ‘Artmaker‘ set has ever been used by people who know what they are doing. The audience will not participate in this seminar (because we lack the legal safety clearances), but it will probably be a lot of fun to watch.
Please join us!