Share Prize Winners

Searchlight – Winner

Sound for Fungi. Homage to Indeterminacy

Theresa Schubert (DE)

A laboratory experiment where Schubert played sinus frequencies to fungi mycelia she collected from forests near her home in Berlin. After weeks of observing these collected specimens housed in custombuilt sound-insulated boxes, most showed a positive response to the influence of sound by growing faster and denser than samples grown in silence

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Searchlight – Honorary Mention

Screenization. On the diffusion of Digital Screens

Lorenz Potthast (DE)

Screens have become the most influential, yet overlooked materialization of the Digital and the hyper-surfaces of our time. The project “Screenization” is based on a detailed theoretical research that examines the history of screens and their various predecessors at the intersection of visual perception, natural science, performative practices and media archeology

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RIOTS – Winner

The Paperwall

Francesca Fini (US)

The Paper Wall, a living installation with performance, action painting and robotics. The Wall, a separation from the outside and control of the inside, is an evil idea: it keeps unwanted out, imprisons those who are inside.

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RIOTS – Honorary Mention


Milad Tangshir (IR)

VR Free is a virtual reality experience. It explores the nature of detention spaces by portraying some fractions of life inside the Turin prison.

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GHOSTS – Winner

Machine for suffering

Sophie Kahn (US)

The life-sized sculpture incorporates the intricate computer-generated scaffolding designed to support a 3D print, suggesting both psychic and material instability, and a female body and mind under construction (or perhaps demolition).

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GHOSTS – Honorary Mention


Scenocosme (FR)

In this sensory artwork, real reflections and virtual images get mixed up, give the illusion of a distorted reality.Like a music score, each interaction zone on the fabric offers sonorous matters (sound effects) when the spectator pushes on it with his hand.

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The Long Now

Verena Friedrich (DE)

“Whenever we contemplate the future, we must inevitably address the question of time. How long does the present last? Is it possible to conserve the fragile present, and when will it become a memory bubble?”

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FRANKENSTEIN – Honorary Mention


Margherita Pevere (IT, DE)

The project Wombs looks at my own female body, whose leaky materiality and fleshy becoming confront myself with fears, desires, and negotiation regarding sexuality and pregnancy.

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Perfect View

Daniel Jolliffe (CA)

Daniel Jolliffe - Perfect View

Perfect View is an interactive sculpture that personifies the human desire to always show one’s best side to others. Entering the gallery space, the viewer encounters a badly damaged Cloissoné vzase, mounted on a white plinth.

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SINCERITY – Honorary Mention

Relative Space

Riccardo Torresi and Janne Simon König (DE)

Riccardo Torresi - Relative Space

Relative Space is an experimental installation that confounds the principle of humans developing space. Instead of designing architecture, a building or a room, for a particular purpose, the project aims to create a temporary, changeable volumes based on the number of people occupying it, without specification.

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2015 – Winner

3DPrinted Tourbillon Watch

Christoph Laimer (CH)

This stately domestic timepiece accents the living room, since it is a functional Swiss clock that is almost entirely printed from plastic. The Laimer Watch is open-source hardware, so every working piece of it is open for inspection, on the web and in the home as well. Read More

2015 – Honorary Mention Winner


Lauren McCarthy (USA)

The large display screen in the Casa Jasmina main room will be the headquarters for this satirical web installation, in which volunteers will be physically “followed” around Torino by social-media stalkers whom they never meet. Read More

2014 – Winner

Ethical Things

M. Cherubini (CH), S. Rebaudengo (IT)

The jury has declared the winner of the 8th Share Prize to be Ethical Things by Matthieu Cherubini & Simone Rebaudengo: “ It’s a project that deals with an issue that will be urgent in near future: how do the machines take decisions?” Ethical Things is a household appliance — a fan — that has its own autonomous ethics and spiritual values, and has to decide whether or not it wants to function. Read More

2014 – Honorary Mention Winner

Filament Sculptures

Lia (AT)

The honourable mention is awarded to LIA for Filament Sculptures: “It is thrilling to see this creative Viennese art coder carrying her expressive work from the visual to the tangible.” Filament Sculptures is an autonomous 3D printer. Instead of making copies or prototypes, it concentrates on the sculptural aspects of computer-controlled plastic extrusions, and makes 3DPrint art for the sake of 3DPrint art. Read More

2013 – Winner

½ Eighty Eight

Nils Völker (DE)

“It is a contemplative delight to see such precise elegance of motion carried out by humble black garbage bags. With its critical mixture of urban infrastructure and organic life, this expressive sculpture realizes concepts of time and space.”

The installation is placed on the central wall of the stairs of the Academia. The black standard rubbish bags create a strong contrast to the classical style of the old building. The plastic bags are selectively inflated and deflated in controlled rhythms, creating wavelike animations across the wall. Forms appear from the net-like matrix and disappear back into the surface. In this way shapes and the boundaries of the installation itself start to dissolve. This kinetic matrix, which seems to breathe, establishes a relationship with the viewer similar to the one that occurs in nature, leading him to reflect on life and its processes. Read More

2013 – Honorary Mention Winner

Social Turkers

McCarthy Lauren (USA)

What if we could receive real-time feedback on our social interactions? Would unbiased third party monitors be better suited to interpret situations and make decisions for the parties involved? How might augmenting our experience help us become more aware in our relationships, shift us out of normal patterns, and open us to unexpected possibilities? Read More

2012 – Winner


Stanza (UK)

Capacities: Life In The Emergent City captures the changes over time in the environment and represents the changing life and complexity of real-time space as an emergent artwork. Capacities goes beyond simple single-user interaction to monitor and survey in real time the whole city and entirely represent the complexities of the real-time space as a shifting, morphing and complex system. What you see is a sculpture representing the emergent properties of the environment in which the sensors network is situated. In this case the city. This is the art of gathering environmental data. The objective is to explore new ways of thinking about life, emergence and interaction within public space and how this affects the socialization of space. The interactions of all the data are re-formed and re-contextualised in real-time artwork. Read More

2012 – Honorary Mention Winner

The Sentient City Survival Kit

Mark Shepard (USA)

The Sentient City Survival Kit probes the social, cultural and political implications of ubiquitous computing for urban environments. The project consists of a collection of artefacts for survival in the near-future sentient city. As computing leaves the desktop and spills out onto the sidewalks, streets and public spaces of the city, information processing becomes embedded in and distributed throughout the material fabric of everyday urban space. Imbued with the capacity to remember, correlate and anticipate, this sentient city is envisioned as being capable of reflexively monitoring our behaviour within it and becoming an active agent in the organization of our daily lives. The project aims to raise awareness of the implications for privacy, autonomy, trust and serendipity in this highly observant, ever-more efficient and over-coded city. Read More

2011 – Winner

Face to Facebook

P. Cirio, A. Ludovico (IT)

One million Facebook user profiles were stolen using software specially designed for the purpose by the artists. A professional job, if ever there was one! Putting this information together, they went one step further by importing and matching the profiles on a fake dating website []. As though reconstructing people’s histories from scratch, they invent a virtual site that is fake, but built on real data. People still tend to confine what we do on-line to the visual space of the screen. Face-to-Facebook questions online privacy in practice, through one of the web’s most iconic platforms. Face-to-Facebook is the final project of the series “Tha Hacking Monopolism Trilogy”, consisting of the works “Amazon Noir”, selected for Share Prize in 2007, and “Google Will Eat Itself”. Read More

2011 – Honorary Mention Winner


J. Oliver (NZ), D. Vasiliev (RU)

Who trusts information today? Private interests and lobby group have free rein in the selection and distribution of news. Newstweek is a device for manipulating news read by other people on wireless hotspots. Built into a small and innocuous wall plug, the Newstweek device appears part of the local infrastructure, allowing writers to remotely edit news read on wireless devices without the awareness of their users. Newstweek can be seen as a tactical device for altering reality on a per-network basis, signalling a word of caution, that a media-defined reality is a vulnerable reality. Along the course of news distribution there are many hands at work, and digital distribution offers a growing opportunity for the manipulation of opinion, from source to destination. Read More

2010 – Winner

Luzes relacionais

Ernesto Klar (IT/VE/USA)

Luzes relacionais (Relational Lights) is an interactive audiovisual installation that explores our relationship with the expressional-organic character of space. The installation uses light, sound, haze, and a custom-software system to create a morphing, three-dimensional light-space in which spectators actively participate, manipulating it with their presence and movements. “Luzes relacionais” is pays homage to the work and aesthetic inquiry of Brazilian artist Lygia Clark. Read More

2010 – Honorary Mention Winner


Kuai Auson (EC)

0h!m1gas is a biomimetic stridulation environment based on the activity of an ant colony under video and audio surveillance, transforming the ants into DJs and creating a sound-reactive space which reveals the connection between scratching, as an aesthetical expression created by human culture, and the stridulation phenomena produced by ants as a communication mechanism. Read More

2009 – Winner


Andreas Muxel (DE)

Thirteen modules are connected to a matrix. Each module consists of a microcontroller, a stepper motor and a sphere of steel attached to it with a rubber band. A piezo sensor is placed between motor and sphere. So each element can measure and activate its oscillation through a simple feedback mechanism programmed on each chip. A analog bar with a magnet on each side controls the action of each of the system elements. Once a sphere is connected to the bar, it starts swinging as long as the bar detaches an rebuilds a new connection to another sphere. There is no main program outside of the sculpture and no digital connection between the elements. Each module has its own simple program logic and they just start to react to each other because of the physical connections built. Read More

2009 – Honorary Mention Winner

Rechnender Raum

Ralf Baecker (DE)

The inverted machine – Rechnender Raum (Calculating Space) is a light-weight sculpture, constructed from sticks, strings and little plumbs. At the same time it is a full functional logic exact neural network. Through its strict geometric and otherwise very filigree construction, the observer is able to track the whole processing logic from every viewpoint around the machine. Read More

2008 – Winner

Delicate Boundaries

Cristine Sugrue (USA)

Digital technologies are integrating more and more with our everyday lives as the boundaries between virtual and real get closer. This installation creates a space where the goings-on within our digital devices are capable of stepping out into the physical world: small insects made of light jump out of the screen towards the spectators and make contact. As the two systems try to fathom each other out, they create a new realm of responsibilities, intimacy and boundaries between virtual and real. Read More

2008 – Honorary Mention Winner

Knife Hand Chop Bot

Emanuel Andel (AT)

Emanuel Andel has created a “terrifying” installation that plays with the user’s perception and senses, and the machine’s sensors and processes. A robot holds a blade that it uses in the famous ”Five Finger Fillet” knife game. The user places his/her hand in the machine and the game begins: the machine stabs the blade between the user’s fingers, slowly at first then more quickly. Read More

2007 – Winner

Human Browser

Cristophe Bruno (FR)

A human being embodies the World Wide Web, the sum of all the speeches of mankind. Human Browser is a series of Wi-Fi performances based on a Google Hack, where the usual technological interface is replaced with the oldest interface we know: the human being. Thanks to its headset, an actor hears a text-to-speech audio that comes directely from the Internet in real-time. The actor repeats the text as he hears it. The textual flow is actually fetched by a programme that hijacks Google, diverting it from its utilitarian functions. Depending on the context in which the actor is, keywords are sent to the programme and used as search strings in Google so that the content of the textual flow is always related to the context. Read More

2007 – Honorary Mention Winner

Amazon Noir

Cirio, Lizvlx, Ludovico, Bernhard

The work confronts us with the issues of copyright, hacking and the Internet as a free land, increasingly monopolized by large corporations. The Bad Guys (The Amazon Noir Crew: Cirio, Lizvlx, Ludovico, Bernhard) steal copyrighted books from – by using sophisticated robot-perversion-technology coded by supervillain Paolo Cirio. Read More