VR-Free – Milad Tangshir (IR)

Born in 1983 in Tehran, Iran. A founding member of the Iranian rock band Ahoora, releasing three albums. In 2011, he moved to Italy to study cinema at Turin University. His virtual reality film VR Free, was presented at Venice International Film Festival and Sundance Film Festival. In 2019, his documentary Star Stuff (shot in Chile, South Africa and Canary Islands) premiered at Torino Film Festival, Other Works: Generazione Erasmus; 13 Second; Displaced ;Interplay; Wrinkles of Earth; The Celebration; Endlessly.

VR Free is a virtual reality experience. It explores the nature of detention spaces by portraying some fractions of life inside the Turin prison. The movie also captures the reaction of few inmates during their brief encounter with immersive videos of life outside of prison. By using VR headsets, the prisoners get to virtually participate in some public and intimate situations, which are no longer within their reach.

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