Collaboration with: Politecnico di Torino

As part of the course “Cross-Media in Social Science” (October 2012–January 2013), lecturers Sara Monaci and Domenico Morreale are running a special workshop on the cross-media promotion of cultural events. Students participating in the workshop are required to prepare a project involving three story-lines and three media channels to promote the 8th Share Festival, dedicated to the theme “Open Your City,” which they can interpret freely. The projects will be presented in January 2012, with a commendation awarded to the best.

Collaboration with: Accademia Albertina delle Belle Arti di Torino

As part of the course “Cinema Set Design” (2012–2013), at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts of Turin, lecturer Elisabetta Ajani is including a learning collaboration with Share Festival. A special thanks to the students: Francesca Andreotti, Barbara Bernardini, Irene Di Fabio, Giulia Guglielminotti, Federica Lincetto, Eleonora Lucia, Clelia Morelli, Evelina Murgia, Martina Piga, Daniele Ragusa, Pierangela Santarcangelo, Maria Carmela Vacca, Chiara Zegna.