Thursday 13th march
ore 19:00
Con-formance Fatherboard, The SuperAvatar
Concept, design and electronicca: Luigi Pagliarini
Costumi: Mr.B.D.
Musica e effetti vocali sonori: Pirandèlo
ore 22.00 King Kong Microplex
Screening Machinima
Machinima (a contraction of machine-animation) is a fusion of cinema, animation, and video games, blending a series of techniques that let you realize film sequences inside the three-dimensional worlds of video games and virtual environments. It began life as a hobby for hardcore gamers. Having mesmerized the public and media, Machinima is now rapidly establishing itself as the newest form of narration in our digital epoch thanks to its ability to spawn virtual communities of filmmakers who create and exchange their work on the net.

8BIT Live Set
Friday 14th march
ore 22.00 Hiroshima Mon Amour
Autechre + SND (live) + ROB HALL DJDIGITALE
Sound scientists with a unique and destabilizing genius: few musicians have influenced the lanscape of electronic music (and not only that) as much as Rob Brown and Sean Booth have for many years, since the birth of the Autechre project in 1987.
he beginning of 2008 sees them releasing their new record, “Quaristice” and performing a series of european shows, including some italian ones: Torino, Roma and Bologna will host one of the most undeniably surprising and perception expanding set even today.
Circo Ipnotico
Circo Ipnotico is an important chapter in the recent history of Otolab. The circus of sounds and images featured in their latest work is a rich synesthetic performance, achieved through the simultaneous penetration of analog, mechanical and digital instruments, which continues and in a certain sense completes the cycle begun years ago with quartetto.swf and of late with op7.

02L > OUTSIDE STANDING LEVEL presents: * THE SPECIAL PLAYER * Live Interactive Set
Involving a sophisticated responsive motion tracking environment, contemporary dancers and its visitors, THE SPECIAL PLAYER provides the dancers with a complex ‘Digital Aura’, which reveals the network behind the obvious. Using a secret motion analysis algorithm, THE SPECIAL PLAYER selects single visitors and equips them with overwhelming power.
You are THE SPECIAL PLAYER. The Special Player is everybody else.
The reactable is a collaborative electronic music instrument with a tabletop tangible multi-touch interface. Several simultaneous performers share complete control over the instrument by moving and rotating physical objects on a luminous round table surface. By moving and relating these objects, representing components of a classic modular synthesizer, users can create complex and dynamic sonic topologies, with generators, filters and modulators, in a kind of tangible modular synthesizer or graspable flow-controlled programming language.
Saturday 15th march
ore 22.00 Magazzino di Giancarlo
Aritmia began working together in 2008 and have been producing their electronic and electro-acoustic music in many different fields, integrating it with graphic projects and video projections as well as composing pieces for music’s sake and performing live sets inspired by diverse musical genres (IDM, experimental and deep techno).
Brindisi Paradiso
Brindisi Paradiso was born during a fortuitous live jam-session in Amsterdam between dj and eccletic performer Marco Foresta and composer and sound designer Enrico Ascoli.
Unexepected Tucano, the first Brindisi Paradiso album, is a calibrated mixture of improvisation, and fine and minute editing; an intense dialog through sounds.
Andrea Taddei is founder of the collective Illogik. With the same name, he established the first independent Italian netlabel. He is among the ones who first conceived and realized live sets in streaming. He has in his credit a number of productions with many monikers: Pulsar, Seoul, Palindrone, Space Kick Propaganda,
A.k.a. Jonathan Valentine from Blackpool which is in the North of England. His seven inch is out now (don’t titter) – featuring “Swimmin’ Lessons” and “I Remember”, both of which will (did [updating this sorry]) appear on his debut album “Everything’s Exactly The Same” in ’05. Here is a photo of J looking “mental” at some airport on tour in Europe with us… and some more of him in his natural state: sleep.
Dutch Bong-ra (Jason Kohnen) starts to collaborate with Djakx Records in 1997 releasing for them his debut-album followed by a intense activity live as dj in many jungle and hardcore party all over Holland.He capture the attention of John Peel that invites him to play live in 2003 during his program live on BBC Radio 1. Bong-ra inizia atarts to collaborate with other musicans of the european scene creating his label Clash Records and mashing up jungle, breakbeat, hardcore and rock’n’roll.

VJ Kiddz
The Kiddz are Nadia Zanellato and Andrea Daddi. They started realizing short films that immediately became live visual performances. In this period the collaboration with Illogik is established. In the following years, they made a name for themselves as Vjs by mixing visuals in national and international clubs with some of the most famous artists of the electronic music scene (e.g., among others, Chemical Brothers, Jeff Mills, Carl Cox, Sven Vath). Their latest collaborations include working with, a new netlabel dedicated to electronic culture, and with the choreographer Matteo Levaggi for the creation of live video-sets for contemporary dancing shows.
ore 4.00 Doctor Sax
NETLABEL PARTY: Silenzio Showcase
Founder netalabel Born in Turin (Italy), Silenzio is based on the idea of interactions between music and nature. The platform wants to promote artists related to electronic music, digital video art Both music and visual arts that interact to create a vision that is unique, but also elastic, with no constrain,
When Titta opened is eyes for the first time punk was a synonim of music. At that time he was already aware about his future. Since than vinyl records became one of the biggest presence in Titta’s life and music the natural soundtrack of his journey.
Pherox (stock5, leftroom, silenzio)
Emerging strings through minimalism, interferences rising among beats, in a picture of the most futuristic sound that you can hear in a club today. You get lost in a never ending journey, like your favorite movie is playing in a endless loop. A soft and gently touch which surrounds you with warm energy!