Share Gallery + Artmaker Lab

On the occasion of the event that celebrates 10 years of the birth of Fablab in Italy, Share Project opens the day with the intervention of the artistic director Bruce Sterling and presents the Share Gallery exhibition with the works of Christoph Laimer, LIA, Diego Scroppo, Laura Viale, Tobias Zimmer.

Share Artmaker Studio is also presented, the research project that is implemented in the creation of prototypes and tech-art works, thanks to the vision and maker approach of new technologies.
2021 marks the tenth anniversary of the opening of the first digital manufacturing laboratory – otherwise known as Fablab – at the Stazione Futuro exhibition of the Officine Grandi Riparazioni in Turin organized by the Italia 150 Committee, under the curatorship of Riccardo Luna.

Artmaker Studio is the new itinerant exhibition of Artmaker, the project born in Turin in 2016 from an idea by Bruce Sterling and Chiara Garibaldi. A hub of artists, makers, coders, designers and companies that has created a new way of making art and revolutionized the creative process. Artmaker artists are a unique constellation in Turin. They work starting from the ‘Artmaker Bag’, the bag that is created ad hoc every year by researching analog and digital materials and tools. The artists, selected by the Scientific Committee of The Sharing, are asked to use the tools to create works of art or prototypes. Their research revolves around what we call creativity 5.0.

Artmaker Studio is an on-the-road atelier that carries the works around in an agile and nomadic exhibition context, which is suited to the same type of art it represents. A formula in which economic, human resources, avant-garde professionalism, both territorial and international, are mixed in order to create highly innovative works of art that are inspiring not only in the artistic field, but applicable in all areas.
The works chosen for the exhibition by Toolbox best exemplify the result that the Artmaker project has set itself.

In fact, Artmaker becomes a global project that brings art and creativity into dialogue with new technologies, starting with local companies and excellences, for the birth of new artists, new skills, making technology familiar and within reach of the wider public, disseminating the direct knowledge of new artistic languages.

The Share Gallery exhibition presents a sampling of works between art and technology from past editions of Share Festival, in an exhibition that investigates how the languages of tech art reflect on contemporary society.

From Homo Faber by Diego Scroppo, an artist from Turin, the archetype of the “fabricans”, the one who not only designs and creates, but who, in this sort of fabrication entanglement, structures knowledge and skills, moves on to the “making” of software self-writer by Tobias Zimmer, German artist and designer who reflects on the topic of self-surveillance information monitoring in daily life. Food Data is a series of seven ceramic plates engraved with laser cutting to create a graphic that traces the design left by the crumbs left on the plates.

Sculpture remains at the center of the works presented in this selection. An example of this is LIA, an Austrian artist considered among the pioneers of software and, present in the exhibition with Filament Sculptures, an autonomous 3D printer which, instead of making copies or prototypes, focuses on the sculptural potential of managed plastic extrusion from the computer and creates 3D prints. The same technique is also spoken of in the case of the Swiss Christoph Laimer, whose watch totally 3D printed is a remarkable piece of engineering that celebrates the work of watchmakers over time. Joined by the same printing process, Fiore in un fiore, e un fiore by Laura Viale, an artist who lives and works in Brussels, is a changing presence, whose perception varies according to the way light – and the gaze – passes through it, in a process of hybridization between subjectivity and technological devices.

In fact, this body of work offers a look at the present of art strongly projected towards the future, through a careful perspective on the use of new technologies, not only in the creative field, but also in the anthropological and social fields.

The event will be held on 18 December 2021 at Toolbox Coworking, Turin, tel. 011 3157111.
The exhibition will be open from 18 December 2021 to 7 January 2022.
Hours Monday-Friday 9.00 / 18.30, Saturdays and Sundays closed.
Festive closures 25, 26 December, 1, 6 January, on 24, 31 December 9.00-17.30