TOSHARE 2015 Entry Selected #3


Carlo Galli (IT)

“Safe coffee” is a proposal of an interactive installation. It’s a security camera that lost its original function of being a hot coffee dispenser.This proposal is about an in-site specific installation which can be used to benefit participation in having a cup of coffee. One manual button brews the hot beverage, a conscious activity which can be hand operated rather than automatically or electronically.This coffee machine becomes an instrument to give a warm welcome from the family to the guests.

The aim is to change the role of one of the symbols of the hidden control, and the eye that watches everybody secretly becomes a point of interaction in society. The installation will favour the confrontation and conviviality into the family setting.

He has been a visual artist since 2005.He represents 3Dimentional space through a bridge between intervention and meditation. In his career He developed many kind of technical skills, propensity for the grotesque and the irreverence about what is considered superior or sacred. He is seeking the type of communication which transmits information with any other interlocutor and He is interested in sharing a simple and clear message that can reach everyone, everywhere.

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