TOSHARE 2015 Entry Selected #4


Tobias Zimmer (DE)

Food Data is a series of seven ceramic plates on the topic of data tracking in everyday life. Crumbcompositions that emerge on plates while eating every day, are analyzed by a self-written computer application, to bring digital data tracking to the domestic sector in an artistic way. The software captures and counts remaining crumbs on the plates and uses the obtained information for the creation of different generative artworks. The algorithmically developed graphics are then engraved into raw ceramic plates with a laser cutter. Afterwards, the engraved plates are glazed and fired in a ceramics kiln. This way, a new and unique plate is created for each analyzed, original crumb-composition. »Food Data« elevates an everyday occurrence to the realms of art, while taking usual methods of data tracking to the absurd. The project encourages to contemplate on everyday life, but at the same time reflects on the advancing technization as well as practices of (self-)surveillance, that don’t even stop at the private ritual of eating.

Tobias Zimmer is a german artist and designer, who is mainly working with custom written software. His principal field of work is the computer aided collection, processing and visualization of data in the broadest sense. The computer – not as a tool, but a programmed machine – plays a vital part in most of his works, though the final outcomes are frequently placed in the physical world.

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