Segnali dal Futuro – Fanni Dada (IT)

Our artistic path is a work in progress: from photography, to video, to video installation with performative and theatrical elements always integrated with ad hoc developed software. After the film course at the Scuola Holden and PAV training, we combine the physicality of the subject with the abstraction of digital to re-establish the contact that digital technologies seem to have canceled. We investigate the relationships that can be established between the electric current of the video signal and material elements (hands, water, leaves, earth). The result is changing color variations on the images we have named Analogiche Metamorfosi.
When we talk about the future we always imagine some distant time, but when the spirits of figures of the past who predicted the future are brought to life, we realise that the future has already passed, and that the past is our present, the here and now we are experiencing. In this piece, when we place our hands on the copper plates connected to the electrical impulses of the video signals we make contact with two illustrious spirits: J.G. Ballard and Aurelio Peccei. Like in a séance, their faces appear to urge us to reflect. J.G. Ballard was a very distinctive science fiction writer whose work is highly surreal and symbolic, provocative and intensely poetic. Aurelio Peccei was the co-founder of the Club of Rome, which in 1972 commissioned the controversial report “The Limits to Growth”. Another visionary, his words – which fell on deaf ears during his lifetime – are like razor-sharp blades slicing up our contemporary reality. It is time to act: the spirits will guide us.

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