Relative Space – Riccardo Torresi e Janne Simon König (DE)

Relative Space is an experimental installation that confounds the principle of humans developing space. Instead of designing architecture, a building or a room, for a particular purpose, the project aims to create a temporary, changeable volumes based on the number of people occupying it, without specification. Attempting to understand the spatial needs of humans, comes a deep and complex matrix of research about density, crowding and perception of interpersonal distance, that has its basis in instinctual behaviour patterns and cultural norms. The role of the body is essential both in the perception and in the alteration of the physical connotation of a space. The aim of this project is to obtain a particular spatial condition, that responds physically to the viewers presence and movements. This space becomes relative to the number of people inhabiting the room. Beginning with a non-existent space, the entrance of a person leads the ceiling to react and open up an accessible fragment. The more people approach or wander into the room, the more space becomes available. The installation is composed of a room created with fabric that is suspended by a system of wires. Six central anchor points react to the approaching visitors.

Riccardo Torresi is an italian media artist, architect and illustrator based in Berlin. Always fascinated by the ways in which the transformation of contemporary culture requires a new perception of space, with his artworks he wants to investigate the subtle interactions between the digital and the physical domain. Currently he is working as a media artist at Tamschick Media Space and as a teaching assistant at Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule.

Janne Simon König is an artist interested in how our senses are perceiving the environment. With the studies of colour and lighting design in 2010 he began to develop techniques to craft and alter reality to make it even more temporary and subjective. Since the M.A. degree in 2015 as a media spaces designer he is a freelancing conceptioner and artist based in Hamburg, Germany

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