Share Prize XVI - Searchlight

Share Project

the Italian crossdisciplinary platform announces
the release of the Call for Artists of the Share Award
dedicated to contemporary art declined to technology and science

Share Prize XIV


Here at Share Festival, we are veterans of the 21st Century.  We have prevailed over financial crises, political turmoil, tech disruption, to create fifteen Turinese festivals of technology art, unbroken, in a row.

We will even outlast a major planetary epidemic, as our legendary Board of Directors plots and schemes on our screens.  In our latest Call for Artists, however, we need to confront this matter of screens.  Because they’re getting tedious.

During our entire existence as Share Festival, we have valiantly championed digital art on screens.  We have favored, software art, motion graphics, and interactive video installations.  We’ve encouraged our favorite creative artists with awards, prize money, and even Artmaker bags full of tools.However, now that we’ve witnessed every  aspect of art, culture, commerce, politics and education all boxed into the glass of tiny screens, we need a change. Our new theme for 2021, “Searchlight” is about digital art that escapes the limits of screens.

We’re searching for appealing, bright, dazzling, airy art also for exterior walls, tall buildings, and even the clouds overhead.  We want psychedelic light shows and warbling laser beams.

At Share Festival, we love device art and machine art.  It’s rare for us to have a show without at least one vigorous, striking, noisy gadget that might possibly kill somebody. This year, however, we judge that the contagious air is enough of a risk for our Turinese public, so if you have machinery to offer us, it needs to be free-breathing machinery, such as fountains, drones, firework shows or smoke signals.  Trust us, device-makers, we still adore you!  Let’s talk!

With our “Searchlight” theme for the year 2021, we anticipate the expressive world that exists beyond the pandemic and its many, stifling, bonsai-like limitations.  So we want the boundless, the airy and the mind-expanding vistas.

Someday we will return to our festival’s heritage, which is the historic, epic scale of Turinese “cinema muto” with its surging crowds, swords, sandals and erupting volcanoes.   In the meantime, though, we need to get away from our desks.

Together, let us breathe the open air of creative freedom, under comet-like vistas of novelty!

Bruce Sterling, Share Festival Art Director

Jasmina Tesanovic, Share Prize Curator

Competition Announcement

Call Open Until 12-02-2021 h 12 pm