NHWT by Tez

16th Nov- 10:00 pm – Lavanderie Ramone

In astronomy, superluminal motion is the apparently faster-than-light motion seen in some radio galaxies, quasars and, recently, in some galactic sources called microquasars. All these sources are thought to contain a black hole, responsible for the ejection of mass at high velocities.
Today, most astrophysicists believe that apparent velocities faster than the speed of light are optical illusions. But not Tez.
Experimental evidence has confirmed the existence of scalar, non-Hertzian waves that defy our traditional understanding of electrodynamics. Scalar waves are propagated in a vortex through space-time dimensions at right-angles to our own, reaching faster-than-light speeds. They carry and modulate quantum energy information.

Using a holistic paradigm based on the unfolding of the principles and technologies discovered by Tesla and other “borderline” scientists, Tez was inspired to conduct his own investigations into longitudinal waves and the non-conventional propagation of sound waves. The result is NHWT, an immersive audiovisual performance and imaginary voyage into superluminal fields.