This year, the VI Piemonte Share Festival will be focusing on the artistic and cultural significance of error, in all its broader senses. The creative potential of analysing and looking into what lies behind an error is truly great, as it represents the uncovering of an issue. Which is of particular interest in this year of global emergencies. The issue uncovered then demands attention, which in turn elicits controversy, while it is controversy that generates solutions and innovation.
In the art and culture of our digital age, does error still play the role of instigating change and activating value?

SMART MISTAKES: mistake, mutilation, failure, dysfunction, discrepancy, accident, unexpected change, chance discovery, the aesthetics of error, mass waste, project failure, abandon project, disaster, flaw, inconvenience, misappropriation, side-effect, slip-up, flop.

Focusing attention on the role of error in the creative process means exploring the cultural importance of trial and error in action, where errata become an approach of clear artistic value. Just as a genetic error is an agent of mutation and hence of biodiversity, error in action is what guides the creative process – because perfection leaves no room for improvement.

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