Humans are surrounded by a distributed intelligence that tracks, profiles and assists us, seeking to pre-empt, analyze and bring about our dreams and desires and forming a complex, autonomous system.

Software assistants, drones, cars that drive themselves and bots for high-frequency trading. As computing becomes more and more distributed, humans are no longer the only agents of analysis and action.

Subjects become profiles, filed and categorised in a vast system designed to extrapolate our actions and convert them into profit variables.

Where does the growth in potential stop and a technological circuit begin, in which our choices are increasingly driven by “emergent” considerations that act autonomously?

How are artists responding to a reality created by humans but only partially controlled by us? What principles lead people to rely on such systems? What fields do those who criticize them work in and how do they act effectively?

Once again, more than 250 artists worldwide have sent in their proposals for SHARE FESTIVAL 2014/2015, with the theme of Autonomous.

The SHARE jury of Jasmina Tesanovic, Irini Papadimitriou, Bruce Sterling and Luca Barbeni have selected six entries for “Autonomous,” which takes place the Temporary Museum from the 19th until the 29th march.

The selected entries are Ethical Things, Filament Sculptures, User Generated Server Destruction, Reflective Conversion, Paidia Laboratory: Feedback, Social Netwalks.

The Share Prize 2014 Exhibition

19th / 29th March 2015

Temporary Museum – Corso Verona 15/C, Turin, Italy

Wednesday – Friday 3.00 pm – 7.00 pm

Saturday – Sunday 10.00 am – 7.00 pm

The selected Entries are

2014 – Winner 

Ethical Things

M. Cherubini (CH), S. Rebaudengo (IT)

Ethical Things is a household appliance — a fan — that has its own autonomous ethics and spiritual values, and has to decide whether or not it wants to function.

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2014 – Honorary Mention Winner

Filament Sculptures

Lia (AT)

Filament Sculptures is an autonomous 3D printer. Instead of making copies or prototypes, it concentrates on the sculptural aspects of computer-controlled plastic extrusions, and makes 3DPrint art for the sake of 3DPrint art.

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Entry Selected #3

User Generated Server Destruction

S. Tiefengraber (AT)

User Generated Server Destruction is a commonplace Internet server. However, whenever it gets any traffic from human users, it violently slams itself with a large hammer, eventually committing suicide.

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Entry Selected #4

Reflective Conversion

A. Andreoletti (AR), A. Rzezonka (DE)

Reflective Conversion is A colony of mechanical mirrors who communicate by flashing lights at one another.

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Entry Selected #5

Paidia Laboratory: feedback

Paidia Insitute (DE)

Paidia Laboratory: feedback is an autonomous set of hacked computer game consoles that require no human users because they are playing themselves.

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Entry Selected #6

Social Netwalks

Ralph Kistler (DE)

Social Netwalks is a video, in which everyday people strolling through a city are divided up as if they were a social network instead of a real town.

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